About Us

Jakovim Global Construction Limited is an accomplished, quality-driven, and a detailed player in the Nigerian building solutions industry. Our operations are run on global standard, state-of-the-art technology, efficient quality-delivery mechanisms, and with a broad and seasoned team of experts. Jakovim offers a wide and full range of total building solutions from ‘start to finish’ – consulting, contracting, acquisition, designing, construction, supplies, and management.

Our strategy and procedure are flexible, versatile, value-driven, customer-centred, safety-conscious, and uncompromisingly excellent. We stand for verity, service, quality delivery and safety; and we progressively research to retain and improve on our distinction and innovation in the industry, through modern machinery, painstaking operational process, and skilled personnel engagement and training.

We are thorough, prompt, passionate, excellent, and honest in all our services delivery.

We are sensitive to our customers’ numerous peculiar and corporate needs. Thus, the company, through its  team of professionals, whose experience and expertise spans the industry’s terrain, is committed to satisfy and efficiently deliver creative, innovative, and absolutely unique top-quality building solutions, services and products.